"I'm no expert... but trust me I've been in your shoes!"


I had an amazing time at each of my senior sessions this year getting to know all of their future plans, colleges they wanted to attend and just hearing about how their senior year was going thus far. Senior sessions are my favorite and I always feel so connected to them at my sessions because I know where they are in life right now and how much stress this year can bring. I try to personalize my senior sessions giving them control of their look and locations according to their style and personalities. At the end of each session or somewhere in-between I also make sure to encourage each of them to go to college, continue their education and follow their dreams! 10 years ago I graduated from high school and if I could do it all over again I absolutely would with no hesitation but realized I can't and instead I figured I'd write a letter to each and every senior because I realize that senior year can take a toll on so many, teens really give up at this point of their life and feel like its the end when really its the beginning of something great that lies ahead. Life after high school isn't as hard as some make it seem but many of the teens today don't have enough encouragement at home or the right support system in their lives... so I wrote this one for you....

Its senior year and you're stressed out.... well you should be but not so much to get yourself worked up almost to the point of quitting or giving up. Senior year should be fun! After all its your last year of high school and last year of really getting to depend on your parents for most of your responsibilities ha-ha well some of you.... Really take the time to enjoy it but also think about where you're heading after high school. Start planning for your future now! Set goals so you have something to look forward to and reward yourself along the way. Something I regret looking back at my high school days is having no sense of direction. Like I didn't have any plans for the future, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to be or even the things I wanted to do. No plans for college lead me to attending a junior college only because my friends were going to that same school. Sheesh, if I could do it all over again the outcome would of been so much different but God had another path for me and that path lead me to where I am today and now I'm finally writing down my goals and following my dreams but had I used my senior year to prepare for the real world I'd probably be much further in life then I am now. So I write this to say prepare yourself for the real world because its scary and you will face so many challenges and speed bumps along the way but if you use your senior year to develop a plan, goals for after high school and follow your dreams the journey of life doesn't have to be as hard as you make it out to be. The sky's the limit and any and everything is possible. Have an amazing last year of high school and I pray that you all attend college and do the things that you love in life!!

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